"Through such impressions one gathers oneself wins oneself back from the exacting multiplicity, which speaks and chatters there, and one slowly learns to recognize the very few Things in which something eternal endures that one can love and something solitary that one can gently take part in."  Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke  


For me my art is one of “the very few Things” in my life that continually taps my passion.When I come out of my studio, I often feel as though I’ve been meditating, art for me is an extension of my spirituality.


The other inspiring thing about my work is how it enhances my growth as an artist and as a person; the cutting edge of my art often coincides with the cutting edge of my personal growth. My work has evolved from photography to stained glass, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, collage and pastel. And with each, there have been important artistic and personal learnings.


Most of my work now is in water media which I find challenging and exciting. My watercolors are transparent with brilliant colors that are luminous with the white showing through. My acrylics are very different where each starts with a two or three layer textured underpainting. In doing the underpainting I’m just putting down colors that are pleasing to me in the moment, playing actually. The underpaintings are done without a final painting in mind and they always show through in the finished painting. This leads to a slightly abstract quality even though my work is mostly representational. In terms of subject matter, I paint what my heart opens to.